Primary Liaison and Enrichment

Thanks for all your help organising the various activities our children have enjoyed this year; cookery club, science lessons, netball coaching, art, G&T sessions, etc. It’s much appreciated and builds a strong and productive link between our schools.
— John Shannon HT Godwin Primary School

Enrichment Calendar 2017-18


Enrichment Activities

Food and Nutrition

Year 9 Food and Nutrition students were in their element this week, teaching primary school pupils to bake bread. Our Year 9 students were excellent ambassadors for the school and are already looking forward to the next session in 2018.


The wonderful designs and artistry pictured below are the product of our Special classes for Gifted and Talented primary school children. They have been motivated, tutored and supported by our ‘More Able Art Students’ and their inspirational Art teacher Susan Hallows-Ashford. Their creations now feature back in their Year 5 classrooms and around the corridors of Godwin Junior School.


Our Year 10 Sports leaders had a chance to use their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in PE with almost 100 Godwin Junior School pupils. Great communication skills, encouragement and support were evident on the astro turf with football activities. Whilst on the playground the smiling, happy faces of the other 30 Year 5 pupils showed how much they were enjoying the Netball activities. A further 30 of our dynamic sports leaders were showing compassion and true leadership skills teaching on the basketball court.

Good News - PEGood News - PEGood News - PEGood News - PEGood News - PEGood News - PE


Gifted and talented youngsters from Years 4, 5 and 6 were taking centre stage at FGCS this term. Encouraged and supported by our Year 10 drama students, they were able to create a haunting atmosphere and a suspense-filled scene from their own adaptation of ‘The Haunted House’.


Creating your very own super hero was made so very easy for our junior school peers in Media this term. Using a photo shot programme the young pupils were able to become their very own favourite super hero with the help and guidance from our own Year 9 students.


Following a successful visit last year, FGCS once again opened its doors to Godwin primary school allowing students to investigate reversible reactions of substances in specialist science laboratories.

Lauren Brierley, Julie Burman and their team ensured over 100 pupils had two outstanding science experiences. Firstly, melting chocolate with the use of kettles, beakers, evaporating dishes and stirring rods.  The pupils completed the experiment by returning the chocolate to its ‘solid’ state by pouring their melted chocolate into an ice cube tray, which was frozen. Secondly, a less tasty experiment was taught where salt solution was evaporated to leave a residue of salt. Students got to use Bunsen burners for the first time- a lot of fun was had by all!

Miss Saunders from Godwin emailed ‘On behalf of pupils and staff at Godwin, I would like to say a big thank you for your warm welcome and support during our Science investigation yesterday. The children really enjoyed using the facilities and the whole experience was enjoyable and educational.’

Godwin Pupils Use FGCS LabsGodwin Pupils Use FGCS LabsGodwin Pupils Use FGCS LabsGodwin Pupils Use FGCS Labs

Year 11 coach and inspire young Godwin students

Once again our talented Year 11 drama students completed their ‘Drama in Education’ GCSE module in the most practical way; by teaching, coaching and inspiring young students from Godwin Primary School.

Drama in EducationDrama in EducationDrama in Education

Talented Forest Gate students start their teaching careers at Godwin Primary School

A small group of our year 9 Pupils visited Godwin Primary School for language enrichment activities with over 100 Year 4 pupils. Our head of faculty Valentine Ohakwe led a demonstration of AFL and entertained them with songs and music. Our students displayed a high level of initiative and maturity, such that can only further strengthen FGCS's link with Godwin Primary School.

MFL EnrichmentMFL Enrichment

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