Art & Design

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)

Students learn the basic core skills in Year 7, starting with using tonal variation in Observation drawings leading into Colour Theory and painting skills. Students then work on Portraiture through drawing themselves in relation to artists that they have researched. They finish the academic year by returning to drawing skills and further painting techniques.

In year 8 students first project is to develop their artistic and independent learning skills by researching appropriate artists, developing their own original ideas and creating a painting with various graphic elements – character design, typography and stencilling. Further projects work on establishing colour and design principles in Art whilst encouraging individual creative responses from the students. Core to this is the development of additional drawing skills and techniques which are utilised throughout the year.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

Students can choose to study Art & Design (Fine Art) in Year 9. The GCSE course lasts for three years and comprises of students creative response to the four assessment criteria that can be summed up simply as: artist research, original ideas, the combination and development of these first two and a final piece of work. Coursework is 60% of the total mark and is project based, comprising of three or four over the course of study including an annual mock exam of 10 hours, or 2 school days. The final exam taken in Year 11 is the Externally Set task and comprises of the other 40% of their mark. The exam board is AQA.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students in KS4 are taken to some of London’s most prestigious galleries and museums as research for their school based work. It is an integral part of their development and understanding of creativity.


Weekly homework is a crucial part of extending teaching and learning and contributing to a student’s progress. Independent research and refining practical skills are the foundation blocks of developing knowledge and understanding. Students can use the Art Dept. facilities to support their studies on a drop in basis or at a designated time at lunchtime and/or after school.

Important Dates

  • Each GCSE group has a mock exam in Years 9 & 10 and their final exam in April of Year 11
  • Coursework for GCSE needs to be complete by January in Year 11

Web Links

The websites of Galleries and Museums in the UK and abroad.