Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

GCSE Applied Business

This course brings together Business and ICT. It is a valuable subject that helps in understanding the world in which we live and work. Students study the Edexcel GCSE Applied Business course and are awarded one GCSE.

Unit 1 gives students a broad understanding of the world of business which they then apply to two businesses. Students are assessed through 3 Controlled Assessments worth 60% of the qualification.

Unit 2 introduces students to the key elements of finance that businesses need to manage to be successful. Students are assessed through a one hour written examination worth 40% of the qualification.

Extra-Curricular Activities

As part of their investigation into how businesses work students have the opportunity to visit and gather information about the two businesses they are studying. Business students are also encouraged to take part in the various Enterprise activities arranged by the school.


Business teachers organise revision classes in preparation for the Unit 2 Finance examination. Outside of lessons, the Business classrooms are also open to students who need further advice and study support.

Important Dates

Students will be informed of  Controlled Assessment deadlines and external examination dates during the course.

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