Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)

Our Key Stage 3 Science curriculum follows the new Go Science! Programme of study with emphasis on motivation, progression and success. It also provides plenty of opportunities to track and measure pupils progress throughout Key Stage 3. Our Science team provides an inclusive learning community with a commitment to collaborative working and development of students who think independently and express themselves effectively using scientific language.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

Students follow three pathways, Triple Award (AQA), Core & Additional Science GCSEs (AQA) or Core & Entry Level Science (AQA). All courses cover the KS4 programme of study and students learn fundamental aspects of biology, chemistry and physics. The Science team ensures a high level of practical work and lessons include activities that allow students to work in groups, discuss & debate developments in science and technology, research independently to learn more about the world around us.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department has taken students on a number of successful trips including:

  • Visit to the Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society
  • Down House, the home of Charles Darwin
  • London Zoo
  • Science Museum
  • Greenwich Observatory
  • Visit to The Centre of the Cell Exhibition


Our Science team works hard to provide in-class intervention so that all students make good progress. Other intervention strategies include:

  • Year 11 after school intervention every Tuesday
  • Class buddies
  • Small group catch-up clubs
  • After school revision for exams
  • Lunchtime clubs every Thursday with the Head of Faculty and Head of Department
  • Mentoring from members of the school leadership team

Important Dates

To be announced

Department Mission Statement

Developing enquiring minds, independent thinking and a deep love for science

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