BBC School Report 2013

BBC School Report Hits Forest Gate

School Report  

We’re delighted to be part of BBC School Report 2013. This is where we will post our news and run our own in-school event.


Student Reporters
The school reporters participating in News Day 2013

Read all of their articles below:


Today at Forest Gate Community School there were P.E moderations...

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My Bnk Gets Going

On Monday 18th March 11 students from My Bnk had the opportunity...

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Girl Shot in Pakistan and Now Studying In the UK

Malala has started school today after making a big recovery...

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Shakespeare as Hip Hop

Last week, an English artist named Akala, originally from London, came to our school to do a Shakespearean workshop...

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Osborne Cuts Taxes as he Promises Support

George Osborne introduced a budget for the ‘aspiration nation’ yesterday amongst a backdrop of economic gloom...

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Cyber Bullying Kills

Cyber bullying is a horrifying form of bullying because youngsters can have the worst solutions...

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Mayor of Newham Stops by FGCS

When he first cheerfully walked in to the room, Sir Robin Wales happily looked around and said, “No one want to sit next to me...

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

Seven years ago, the first tweet was made...

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Loving Your Body

An increasing number of girls in the UK aged as young as 9 are uncomfortable about the way they look...

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World Poetry Day

Poetry read and chanted over many countries across the world...

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Forest Gate is on Fire

Salsa teacher, Fire, arrived at Forest Gate to help teach students and teachers to learn how to do Latin dancing...

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Are you in or are you out?

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is linked with Juventus and FC Bayern Munich...

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