FGCS Food Champion says ‘Don’t underestimate a healthy diet’

Friday, 05 June 2015

Food Champion

FGCS has been chosen to join the School Food Champions Programme, a prestigious national food programme aimed at encouraging children to eat more healthily.

Pupils will design and make a new school lunch menu that is healthy and enjoyable. They will work with professional chefs, school caterers and food technology teachers to develop new ideas and taste and modify existing recipes. Since the programme started last month, the school has seen a 22 per cent rise in take up for school lunches.

Home Economics teacher Nick Shapland, who has been elected as FGCS's food champion, said: “It is essential that we do not underestimate the importance of eating a healthy diet. In terms of its educational value, its importance cannot be understated. Children are more alert if they are eating healthily, it not only helps their bodies but their minds as well.”

Headteacher, Simon Elliott, said: “We are extremely proud to be among a very select group of schools to be chosen as a Food School champion. Credit must go to Mr Shapland, who has worked tirelessly to get us on to this.”

The School Food Champions Programme is funded by the Department for Education.

As part of the programme students from the school helped to relaunch the Co-op store on Forest Gate High Street, enjoyed free fruit and interviewed staff and customers about the new store look.