Human Jukeboxes Raised Money for Charity!

Wednesday, 04 January 2017

Charity Human JukeboxesIn the last week of term Izach, Nuria, Kayssa and Tiarna from Year 7 performed as Charity Human Jukeboxes! Students had to pay 20p to request a song with all donations going to charity. Hamza, an audience member also in Year 7 was so impressed he wrote the following:

Dear Ms Noble,

I would like to congratulate you with the Human Jukebox that took place last week. I thought that it was a creative idea which encouraged people to donate money to charity. The whole school crowded around the singers because they sounded amazing as they were structured like a real choir. There was the harmony, background singers, and main singers. I think the effort and time that you put into making this charity event happen really paid off in the end. It was functional and fun as well as meaningful. Thank you for delighting the school with the harmonious sound of the human voice.