Snack Attack!

Friday, 09 January 2015

Snack Attack!Snack Attack!Our first week back at school this term was a ‘healthy eating’ week. Students had assemblies about ‘healthy eating’ habits throughout the week and on Friday morning we surprised them with a ‘Snack Attack’ at the gates. Student’s bags were searched for unhealthy snacks and we educated them on all the sugars and other unhealthy, ‘naughty’ ingredients found in their snacks and drinks.

We had fruit and healthy carrot muffins available for students to swop their unhealthy snacks with if they wished to do so. Students who brought in healthy snacks like fruit, sandwiches, pasta and water were given merits. Overall the student’s snacks were fairly healthy, so well done Forest Gate!

Please remember that it is now against the school rules to bring energy drinks and fizzy drinks to school. Rather swop sweets, crisps and pastries for a healthier option and always remember to read the label - sometimes lots of sugars and sweeteners are hidden in seemingly healthy snacks.