Staff Development Room

Monday, 07 January 2013

Observation RoomStaff Development RoomObservation MonitorTraining Session SDRStaff at FGCS are becoming film stars in a bid to share good practice and celebrate outstanding lessons with their colleagues.

Through peer support, self reflection, coaching and supportive discussion, teachers are aiming to take their lessons to the next level.

The SDR allows for detailed analysis of teaching and learning that would not normally be possible without major disruption to  lessons. This is the future of self and peer development, with the ultimate goal being the raising of student achievement.

Quotes from the many staff who have used the room in the short time that it has been available.

"I was really nervous at first but it was less scary than having someone in the room." (Science teacher)

"The students feel special when they are taught in there. They have asked for all of their lessons to be filmed." (Mathematics teacher)

"I thought I was good at questioning but watching the recording back I realise I give the students the answers too quickly. I have already started working on this and plan to record my next lesson in there to see if I have improved." (Art teacher)

"I realise I spend lots of time with the same group of students and neglect many others as a result." (Newly qualified teacher)

"I  like it because the recording tells it like it is. It's not trying to make you feel better. It's honest." (History teacher)

"When giving feedback it is a powerful tool to be able to watch a video of the crucial moments of the lesson that you are discussing." (Lead teacher) 

We aim to support staff at all levels with the ultimate aim of all teaching to be outstanding. This is a challenging target but one that is achievable with a resource as wonderful as this. The SDR is a key strategy we are using on our journey to become outstanding.