Year 7 Brilliant Club Graduation

Friday, 13 February 2015

Brilliant ClubA group of Year 7 pupils recently took part in the Brilliant Club, an award-winning programme that delivers university-style tutorials to small groups of outstanding secondary school students, helping them to develop the skills and knowledge to begin their journey towards securing places at top universities.

On 31 January, the Year 7 Brilliant Club students graduated at Royal Holloway University. Here are accounts from a couple of the students about their experience:

“Two Saturdays ago, I, along with some other students went to the Royal Holloway University to graduate from the Brilliant Club. Once we arrived, we all gathered into a lecture room where we graduated as we had all written a 1500 word assignment on different topics. Mine was ‘Is Ebola the next international pandemic’. Next we met our tour guide leader (who was an undergraduate) and looked around the library. It was massive! Then we saw the statue and the outside of the main building. After that we went into a room with all the other schools. There we met two more undergraduates and asked them questions about their time so far at university. We also saw another lady who told us the history of the Royal Holloway and then the day was over. I had an amazing experience and will never forget it.” - Evelyn Weeden, 7G

“In October 2014 I was selected to be part of the Brilliant Club, where I worked on an assignment about the next pandemic disease Ebola. As part of the experience, we were given the opportunity to visit SOAS university, to experience what life is like to be at university. At SOAS I met my PhD tutor, Amina Yonis. Amina guided us to produce a university-styled assignment. We did 6 tutorials with her, which helped us toward our final assignment. I felt privileged and grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in this process. As an outcome, I got a 2:1 for my final piece and graduated at the university of Royal Holloway. At the graduation ceremony, we were given a certificate and we met other university students, who talked to us about life at university. I have really enjoyed experiencing the Brilliant Club.” - Zahra Khan, 7F

The photo above shows Brilliant Club students (from left): Minhaj Al-Rahman, Adam Ahmed, Zahra Khan, Evelyn Weeden, Olivia Fairhurst and Harvey Saunders.