Master Mission

The Master Mission has been designed specifically to encourage our pupils to become independent, self-reliant and dedicated learners, who contribute to their school and our wider community.

As part of the Bronze Master Mission, pupils need to complete a number of tasks which fall in to four sections: extension, enrichment, challenge and service. Please see below for an outline of the tasks that need to be completed by pupils to successfully achieve their Bronze Master Mission award.

The extension section is all about providing our pupils with the opportunities to extend their learning, in their own time demonstrating their commitment to their own learning. The extension tasks that need to be completed tie in with the school’s Big Question of the Week programme. Please click on the Big Question tab above, for an outline of the extension activities that pupils could complete in their own time.

The enrichment section is about encouraging our pupils to visit places of interest such as museums, art galleries and landmarks. Pupils are also expected to participate in at least one of the many differing school clubs we have on offer at lunchtimes and after school. Please click on the ‘School Clubs’ tab on the right, to see all of the clubs that we are offering this academic year.

The challenge section encourages pupils to complete an activity which challenges them to develop physically, culturally and socially.

The final section on service allows pupils to serve the school and community by completing activities which will benefit the whole school and wider community, through volunteering and fundraising activities. Volunteering Opportunities will be emailed out regularly to pupils with opportunities that are available in school and outside of school. They will also be advertised in school and pupils will be invited to apply for these volunteering opportunities.

Parents and carers will also receive an email containing the volunteering opportunities. As some of the opportunities on offer, take place outside of school hours and in the wider community; we request parents/carers ensure that they accompany pupils to these volunteering opportunities to ensure their safety and well-being. These external volunteering opportunities are also an opportunity for parents and carers to connect with our local community.

As pupils complete each of the Master Mission tasks, they will need to provide evidence to demonstrate their completion. Form Tutors will sign off the evidence in pupils’ planners. All pupils who have completed the Bronze Master Mission successfully will receive an award and then be invited to complete the Silver Master Mission award.

Master Mission

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