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Summer 2024 GCSE Timetable


Year 11 Summer GCSE Timetable 2023


GCSE Revision

Please find below useful websites and documents to help with your revision.

Year 11 Revision Techniques

Important information regarding your subjects with subject specific revision techniques

Revision Timetable Templates

Blank revision timetable for weeks when students are at school

Blank revision timetable for weeks when students are on holiday

Example of a good revision timetable

Revision Resources

English Revision Resources

AIC Exemplar Revision Booklet

English Language KS4 Revision Book

Jekyll and Hyde Revision Pack Y11

Language Paper 1 & 2 AQ Final

Macbeth Revision Booklet

Science Revision Resources

Combined Foundation Formulas

Combined Higher Formulas

Triple Formulas

Business Revision Resources

2-1 Workbook

2-2 Workbook

2-3 Workbook

2-4 Workbook

January 2012 Paper

Prelim Fix-It

Computer Science Revision Resources

Guide to Writing Pseudocode

OCR Revision Checklist

Knowledge Map

Food Revision Resources

2018 Paper

2018 Markscheme

2019 Paper

2019 Markscheme

Unit 1 Knowledge Organiser - AC1.1

Unit 1 Knowledge Organiser - LO1

Unit 1 Knowledge Organiser - LO2

Unit 1 Knowledge Organiser - LO3

Unit 1 Knowledge Organiser - LO4

French Revision Resources

French Knowledge Maps

French Vocabulary Booklet

French Writing Quick Wins

French Speaking Revision

French MAS Booklet - All Skills

Geography Revision Resources

1 - KO - Hazardous Earth - Climate

2 - KO - Hazardous Earth - Tectonics

3 - KO - Development Dynamics

4 - KO - Challenges of an Urbanising World

5 - KO - UK Geology

6 - KO - Rivers

7 - KO - Coasts

8 - KO - UK Human Landscape

9 - KO - London

10 - KO - People and the Biosphere

11 - KO - Forests under Threat - Tropical Rainforest

12 - KO - Forests under Threat - Taiga

13 - KO - Consuming Energy Resources

RE Revision Resources

2018 Themes Exam Writing Frame Quotes and T Codes

Good and Evil Information Sheets

Good and Evil Worksheets

Human Rights Information Sheets

Human Rights Worksheets

Issues of Relationships Revision Theme 1

Issues of Life and Death Revision Theme 2

Issues of Good and Evil Revision Theme 3

Issues of Human Rights Revision Theme 4

Life and Death Information Sheets

Life and Death Worksheets

Mindmap Quotes C1 March 2018

Planning Sheet C1

Relationships Information Sheets

Relationships Worksheets

Revision Pack - Christian and Muslim Beliefs and Practices

Spanish Revision Resources

Spanish Knowledge Maps

Spanish Vocabulary Booklet

Spanish Writing Quick Wins

Spanish Speaking Revision

Spanish MAS Booklet - All Skills

Sport BTEC Revision Resources

Knowledge Maps

Learning Mats - Components of Fitness

Learning Mats - Fitness Training Methods

Learning Mats - Principles of Training

Unit 1 Revision Guide

Unit 1 Revision Poster

Revision Websites

English Revision Websites

Poetry - BBC Bitesize

Poetry Anthology

Poetry - Mr Bruff Videos

An Inspector Calls - BBC Bitesize

An Inspector Calls - Sparknotes

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - BBC Bitesize

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Sparknotes

Macbeth - BBC Bitesize

Macbeth - Sparknotes

Oxnotes for Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Language Comparison Practice

English Practice Papers

Literature Paper 1

Literature Paper 2

Language Paper 1

Language Paper 2

Maths Revision Websites

Just Maths

Maths Watch

Method Maths

Hegerty Maths

Maths Genie


Maths Made Easy

Pixi Maths

Science Revision Websites

BBC Bitesize GCSE Science

YouTube - Free Science Lessons

YouTube- My GCSE Science

Revision World


My GCSE Science

Computer Science Revision Websites

Seneca Learning

Computer Science GCSE Guru

BBC Bitesize GCSE Computer Science

History Revision Websites

Quizlet - Crime and Punishment in Britain, c1000-Present

Quizlet - Whitechapel, c1870-c1900: Crime, Policing and the Inner City

Quizlet - Little Rock High School: The Development of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-60

Quizlet - Superpower Relations and the Cold War, 1941-91

Quizlet - Superpower Relations and the Cold War, 1941-91 Practice Questions

Quizlet - The USA, 1954-75: Conflict at Home and Abroad Practice Questions

MFL Revision Websites

FGCS Languages Website

Lyrics Training


Language Gym

BBC Bitesize - French

BBC Bitesize - Spanish

Music Revision Websites

BBC Bitesize GCSE Music Revision and Tests

Music Theory Lessons and Exercises

Listen to and find out more about Classical Music