Rosie Noor

Rosie Noor

deputy headteacher, curriculum

Rosie is the Deputy Headteacher overseeing the whole school curriculum. She establishes and sustains a challenging, knowledge rich and high quality curriculum across all subjects. She also deploys a wide range of strategies which contribute to successful outcomes for our More Able Pupils. We are accredited as a World Class School and have received the 'NACE' award for outstanding provision for more able learners. Her contributions have attributed to life changing outcomes for our students and a sustained positive progress score for the school year on year.

Rosie is our school's initial teacher training lead and has provided various training sessions for both mentors and trainees across the borough. She strongly feels that high quality teacher training is at the heart of teaching and learning.

Prior to becoming Deputy Headteacher, Rosie was Assistant Headteacher, Lead Practitioner for Maths and Head of Department for Statistics. Under her leadership, Statistics has been amongst the best performing GCSE subjects for our pupils. She has worked with leads across the Trust in developing the Maths and Statistics curriculum. 

A highly passionate educator, Rosie has been teaching in Newham for over ten years. Throughout this time she has completed multiple qualifications such as her MA Leadership in Education. She strongly endorses excellence in provision for all; pupils, trainees, mentors and staff.