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Post-16 Options

Options after Year 11

A young person's guide to post-16 options

College Information

College Open Days and Application Deadlines

Prestigious College Deadlines

A Guide to Courses in Newham

A Guide to Courses in Newham for 16-18 Year Olds

Progression Evening

Progression Evening - Video

Progression Evening - Presentation

Progression Evening - A-Z

Explore your career options

Milkround - Resources to explore apprenticeships, traineeships and school leaver schemes

Prospects - Lots of information about career advice and job sectors

A Level Choices - Some excellent advice around choosing A Level subjects, if you scroll to the bottom, you can input three A Level subjects and then it gives university degree and job matches.

BTECs - BTECs are an increasingly popular alternative to A-levels as a route to university – here’s what you need to know

A-Levels or BTECs - A-levels or BTECS - which is the best path for you? Read the comparison guide to help you decide on the next options you should pursue

Subject Choices - Information and advice on the best subject choices for university

Informed Choices - Information and advice on the best subjects choices for university

Student Room - Forum, advice, GCSE, A Level, University, jobs, finance, revision

UCAS - Search for post-16 courses and colleges

National Careers Service - All you need to know about careers.

Careers Projects