Jaba Hussain

Biomedical Sciences student

I attended Forest Gate Community School from 2014-2019 after moving to the UK from Italy, and I managed to achieve 8 grade 9s and three 8s in my GCSEs. After leaving secondary school, I went to Brampton Manor Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for my A-Levels and soon, I will be moving into the 3rd year of my degree in Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London.

Through my journey into higher education, I have had the opportunity to enrich my academic interests by studying different fields of science. In the first two years of my degree, I gained an insight into many subjects like anatomy in the dissection room, where I could see firsthand how the human body operates. I also gained an appreciation of experimental research in science, through lab sessions in immunology, physiology and many other disciplines. This has given me invaluable skills to build a foundation for my future career choices, as I wish to pursue a career in the healthcare sector after my studies.

The alumni program is a good opportunity for networking and to build my experiences further. It has been a nice way to build transferable skills, such as teaching by doing 1–to-1 and group tutoring within the Trust, which will serve me well in my future profession.