Holocaust Memorial Day

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On Friday 26th January, Year 8 pupils visited Newham Town Hall in East Ham for Newham's annual Holocaust Memorial Day event. They attended the event, representing FGCS and took part in the commemoration service where the guest speaker was Mala Tribich, a Holocaust survivor who shared her experience of the Holocaust. Other speakers included Antoinette Mushimiyimana and Isameldin Agieb, survivors of the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur respectively.

Two FGCS pupils played an active part in the commemoration service by taking part in the Every Child a Musician orchestra and choir. Brothers Malachi and Izach Castro, in Years 11 and 8 respectively performed before the approximately 300 Newham residents who had gathered to remember the victims of the Holocaust and genocides.

It was a moving service, and pupils have come away with a resounding reinforcement of their British Values, including mutual respect, tolerance, individual liberty, democracy and rule of law. 

In school, students visited the school library to pick up free booklets detailing the work of the Holocaust Memorial Day trust and wore HMD wristbands to raise awareness of the event.